The Waco Regional Baptist Association is a voluntary network of Baptist churches in Central Texas who have chosen to cooperate in order to extend and embody the good news of Jesus Christ.    Since 1860, the Association seeks to serve churches by supporting, training and connecting the ministries of member congregations.  

Whether you are coming to our site to find a new church home or to discover some resources or help with your current church ministry, we want to Connect, Support and Train Christian leaders for effective ministry.  If you still can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call and let us know what it is that we have missed.

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Church Spotlight – Chalk Bluff Baptist Church

The Lord had different plans for Pastor Zach Johnigan at Chalk Bluff Baptist Church.  Six years ago, instead of a position in the Baylor Religious Hour Choir he was auditioning for,  the director and music minister for Chalk Bluff, at that time, offered Zach the music associate position.  From there to interim music minister, then interim pastor and now pastor. “Even though a job brought me here, the powerful bond of love in this congregation is what has sustained me and made me the man and pastor I am today,” says Pastor Johnigan.

Over the years, Zach has come to love the kindness of Chalk Bluff.  The people, whether visitors or long-time members, show an unlimited source of kindness.  “No matter who you are, if you walk in our doors on a Sunday, especially for the first time, there is a high chance you will be invited to lunch by one of our members.”

Along with the congregation continuing to have a hunger for God’s Word, they also have an amazing music ministry program, Kids in Christ, and a growing youth program.  Chalk Bluff also participates in the Tri-Cities Ministries, which helps community members in need of assistance in their lives. 

Chalk Bluff asks for prayer that they will grow a deeper passion for God, practice spiritual giving and become witnesses in the community.

New Pastor Zach Johnigan and wife, Annie