Church Spotlight

In the beautiful stretched plains of Speegleville nestles the quaint Willow Grove Baptist Church. Only a small congregation, the Christian love and desire to greet people with open arms drew Pastor Kenneth McNeil to them. ‘I love the sense of community at Willow Grove, and core Biblical teachings. I love that all who walk through the doors can sense the transformational power of Jesus Christ.’

Historically being known as an African-American church, Pastor McNeil, along with the congregation, are preparing for a wonderful move of God in welcoming all. ‘I’m excited about the new vision and new direction at Willow Grove. We’re preparing for our door to door ministry in Speegleville.’

Pray for Willow Grove as they continue to be a beacon of light in the community and with this new door to door ministry coming they also ask for prayer in getting a church van to pick neighbors and children up in the area.