These are some of the Vacation Bible Schools that are planned by WRBA churches. Please pray for the teachers and the children during these weeks.

MeadowbrookJune 4-86:15-8:30pm
Brazos MeadowsJune 5-86:30-8:45pm
Mart FBCJune 5-9
Waco FBCJune 5-99:00am-12:00pm
CalvaryJune 11-166:00-8:00pm
DaySpringJune 11-15
EmmanuelJune 11-156:00-8:30pm
Lorena FBCJune 11-156:00-8:15pm
HighlandJune 12-169:30am-12:15pm
Pleasant Olive MBCJune 12-166:00-8:00pm
Woodway FBCJune 12-169:00am-12:00pm
McGregor FBCJune 18-226:00-8:00pm
Crawford FBCJune 19-239:00am-12:00pm
SpeeglevilleJune 19-236:00-8:00pm
EcclesiaJuly 9-136:00-8:30pm
Carver ParkJuly 10-15
Columbus AvenueJuly 10-149:00am-12:00pm
CornerstoneJuly 10-146:30-8:00pm
West FBCJuly 10-146:00-8:00pm
Western HeightsJuly 10-149:00am-12:00pm
BosquevilleJuly 30-August 35:30-7:00pm
Chalk BluffAugust 3-6