How could the health of your church be improved?  Are all of the parts of the body functioning as they should in order to regularly produce Spirit-filled worship, transformed lives, and members who are enjoying the abundant life?

The WRBA Church strengthening team works with churches to help each congregation discern what the Lord has called them to do and how to fulfill that calling.  Among the services and resources that the church strengthening team offers are:

  • Mystery Guest Service: To help identify those areas of your church life / building / communications that are doing well and those areas that might need some attention based on the observations of a friendly outsider.

  • One-evening “Kick Start Your Church” Process: to help each ministry and small group within your church to identify and commit to a six-month goal that will significantly and positively impact your church.  This is facilitated by one of the WRBA trained staff members.

  • “The Body of Christ” Church Strengthening Process: A flexible resource provides a fresh view of the church through the lens of the 12-human body systems.  It can be adapted to a one-weekend renewal retreat to a six-month study for the whole church body.

  • A signature church strengthening process that includes a six-month strategy planning process led by a trained WRBA staff member and coaching for full-time ministry staff. During this process the church will discover its Mission, Values, Vision, and establish up to five clear measurable goals for the next five years.

  • A book entitled, So You Want To Change Your Church? Written by the Director of the Waco Regional Baptist Association, Tim Randolph. This book is intended to be used either as a stand-along resource for church members interested in making a positive impact on their church, or for a whole congregation that wishes to have a prolonged discussion about the direction and health of their church.

Contact Tim at for more information.