Shiloh Baptist Church 

A rural church in Ocee is not the first image of a “mission-minded” church that most people have, but it describes Shiloh Baptist Church.

Pastor Daniel Camp said, “Even though we’re small, even though we’re rural, we can still be mission minded.”

They support groups like Texas Baptist Men financially. They also participate in Restore Hope’s “Meals for Multitudes.” Twice a year church members assemble 10,000 nutritional, “just-add-water” meals that are sent to places in crisis. The cost is about $3000 in goods and two hours of the volunteers’ time.

Each month the church hosts “Shiloh Seniors and Friends,” a time for people to come for lunch, share prayer requests, pray and play dominoes.

Camp said, “It’s a very family-oriented congregation. Once you’re a part of the church you really feel like you’re part of the family.”

There are multiple generations of families in the church, and that affects how they embrace others. It has even influenced their planning for the next 5-10 years.

Their new vision is “we are a church family for the community.” This includes three focus points. One is being a part of the body of Christ. The second is to be a church family that welcomes the community. The third is to reach out to their neighbors and bring people in.

Camp asked for “prayers for continued excitement and continued commitment” with the plans.