Emmanuel Baptist Church 

God can bring separate prayers together with one answer. That’s how Emmanuel Roldan became pastor at Primera Iglesia Bautista de Waco. The church prayerfully sought a pastor, Roldan was in prayer about a relationship and about a position in a specific type of church. God answered each prayer at the same time.

Roldan said, “It’s truly incredible that I get marry the woman of my dreams and serve a lovely congregation.”

Roldan loves the member’s hospitality and dedication to this body of believers. Members have found how they can best serve and do so for years.

“They teach me a lot about God’s goodness over the long-term,” Roldan said.

The church history is rich, being the oldest Hispanic organization in Waco, and each church story shows God’s faithfulness.

The church now has a bilingual worship service and more diverse demographics with hopes to model what it looks like when different cultures come together to worship God and pursue His plan.

Roldan said, “I believe Primera, along with other churches, has the exciting opportunity to announce to the world that ‘the waters of baptism run deeper than the blood of tribalism.’”

The church ministers to a nearby middle school and apartment complex with Bible studies, meals and more. They are planning short-term mission trips and to host weekly digital proficiency classes.

Pray that Primera will “continue to preach the Good News in word and deed” and their efforts would be focused on God’s plan.