Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church

This year Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church is excited to explore how God’ll use them to disciple others, something the congregation spent last year learning and praying about.

Pastor Samuel Doyle said, “We have been pondering over what it means to make discipleship and disciple-making the center work of our church.”

The church has taken the Great Commission to heart, exploring how everything it does can center around that point. It has been a time of redefining themselves. Last year, they explored Luke and Acts while praying in anticipation for what God will do in their church.

Doyle said, “We are a church that really loves listening to God’s voice, and sometimes (that) … causes us to do the cutting edge and the unconventional.”

They found when the church is multi-focused, it drains people. By focusing on discipleship, each ministry relates to each other. Their community outreach to their neighborhoods includes summer meals and working with local groups like My Brother’s Keeper.

Doyle first came to the church as a youth minister while in seminary. He has listened to stories of what God has done there through the years and is excited to be a part of it.

He said, “Continue to pray that God gives us a heart for the lost and for the neighborhood around us.”