Having a rich history with wonderful people and an incredible opportunity to reach a growing city, drew Pastor Chris Sammons to FBC, Hewitt back in September 2017.  With the love of the Hewitt, Waco and Woodway community, Pastor Sammons believes that God wants to do amazing things through this family of faith.  ‘First Hewitt is a body of believers with a hunger for God and growing passion to make Him known.  I love that our older generation desires to reach a younger generation.  I love that we can see yesterday as a teacher, but tomorrow as an opportunity.’

A lot is happening at FBC, Hewitt!  Local and international mission involvements growing, small groups and Sunday school classes expanding and the growing focus to love the community that God has planted are just a few to name of the exciting happenings going on.   One ministry in particular, Kid’s Hope USA, has been a wonderful opportunity for FBC, Hewitt.  Volunteers have partnered with a local elementary school and provide mentoring for students once a week during the school year.  Speaking of kids, this summer FBC Hewitt will once again host VBS at the Hewitt Park.  ‘It is an incredible opportunity to love and encourage kids in our community,’ Pastor Sammons said.

With current plans underway, FBC, Hewitt is still looking to the future.  Last month, a short-term group went to East Asia.  This was the first international trip the church has taken in 10 years!  They are hoping to use this trip to continue shaping their hearts for the unreached world.  Summer is also a season that is different.  The staff of FBC, Hewitt is wrestling with how to leverage the summer environment to grow spiritually, reach out, reach in and train new leaders. For FBC, Hewitt this could be huge for them as they approach the fall.

With this said, Pastor Sammons states, ‘We are in the early stages of revitalization at First Hewitt.’ He asks for the body of believers to pray that God would give them wisdom in decisions, courage in obedience, depth in spiritual growth, grace in change and fruitfulness in labor.