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Several WRBA churches are celebrating Christmas in various ways. Here is a list of some of the activities and times.

ChurchCelebrationDate & Time
CalvaryChildren's Christmas PresentationDec. 3, 10:45am
CalvaryChristmas Arts FestivalDec. 3, 4:00pm
Seventh & JamesChristmas CarolingDec. 3, 4:00pm
Columbus AvenueChristmas and KeyboardsDec. 3, 5:00pm
MeadowbrookA Christmas Adventure (for kids)Dec. 6, 6:30pm
Carver ParkYouth Christmas ProgramDec. 6, 7:00pm
CalvaryService of ConsolationDec. 7, 7:00pm
MeadowbrookChristmas MusicalDec. 8, 7:00pm
Top HandLive NativityDec. 9, 6:30pm
CalvaryChristmas CoffeehouseDec. 9, 7:00pm
Woodway FBCChristmas Tree OutreachDec. 10, 9/10:30am
MeadowbrookChristmas MusicalDec. 10, 9:45/11am
Columbus AvenueChristmas at ColumbusDec. 10, 5:00pm
Harris CreekLessons & Carols (at Common Grounds)Dec. 10, 6:00pm
Lorena FBCChristmas ConcertDec. 10, 6:00pm
Waco FBC"A Christmas Journey" PlayDec. 10, 7:00pm
Western HeightsChildren's Christmas CarolingDec. 13, 6:00pm
New Hope - RieselChildren's Christmas PlayDec. 17, 10:30am
Seventh & James Baptist ChurchMESSIAH Sing-AlongDec. 17, 3:00pm
Columbus AvenueService of ConsolationDec. 17, 5:00pm
BosquevilleChildren's ProgramDec. 17, 6:30pm
Elm Mott FBCChristmas CarolingDec. 20, 6:30pm
New Beginnings Christian Fellowship"The Christmas Reason" PlayDec. 20, 6:30pm
CornerstoneChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 10:45am
Harris CreekChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 4/5:30pm
Lorena FBCChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 4:00pm
Brazos MeadowsCandlelight ServiceDec. 24, 5:00pm
Columbus Avenue Christmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 5:00pm
HighlandChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 5:00pm
Top HandChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 5:00pm
Calvary Christmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 6:00pm
Elm Mott FBCChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 6:00pm
Hewitt FBCChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 6:00pm
MeadowbrookChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 6:00pm
New Hope - RieselChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 6:00pm
Seventh & JamesChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 6:00pm
Waco FBCChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 6:00pm
Western HeightsChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 6:00pm
Woodway FBCChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 6:00pm
Crawford FBCChristmas Eve ServiceDec. 24, 7:30pm
New Jerusalem"Watch Night" ServiceDec. 31, 8:30pm
Greater New Light"Watch Night" ServiceDec. 31, 10:00pm



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