Spotlight: Returning Missionaries

With so many missionaries coming home as part of the recent International Mission Board’s (IMB) Voluntary Retirement Incentive (VRI), we have to ask how we can help in their transition. However, it is better to ask the people returning than to postulate on our own theories. Here are a few comments about what  missionaries really need. It may surprise you how easy it is to help.

Vicki Lassiter has returned after more than 26 years of service in South America. She said, “I know that we follow God’s will in coming back…. I think that the thing we need is not just a place to belong, but for churches to recognize that there are people groups all around us and we can help with those people groups. We can bring our unique experience to help the church fulfill their mandate to reach the people groups living here in TX. That would give a sense of purpose to us when we’re wondering why God has brought us back.”

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