Church Spotlight: Crossroads Fellowship’s Church Anniversary and Growth

Celebrating Crossroads Fellowship’s 11th anniversary, the church members did what they do each year — they had a large baptism service with a barbecue at the North Bosque River. This time they baptized 42 people.

Pastor Steve Abbe said, “About 70 percent of the church congregation has been baptized in the last seven years…. This is their church experience.”

The church staff have carefully tried to lead by example. The church has not been getting Christians who moved their membership. It’s mostly people who have become new believers that make up the 400-500 people in attendance each week. Members come from as far as Whitney and Gatesville to take part in the lively worship and in the life groups held during the week.

The church was started with a missional focus and has continued to pursue opportunities to minister to the lost. Members tutor in their inner-city center at 12th and Ross, visit the Gatesville jail each week, have built 10 churches in Brazil and have just returned from a mission trip to Guatemala. They usually take six to nine months to plan an international mission trip, but one member coordinated this trip to South America in a few months for 15 people.

Abbe said, “It’s really all membership coordinated and membership driven. Our people literally go and do to be the hands and feet of Christ.”


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