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You can be a part of the community of local Baptist churches. The association connects, supports and offers training to these churches.
About Us
Here's a little bit of background information about the Waco Regional Baptist Association.
The Waco Regional Baptist Association was formed in 1860. Throughout the 156 years of its history, it has demonstrated remarkable resiliency and responsiveness to the needs of the moment and has continued to make a significant impact in this region of the state. This organization has helped establish important institutions and churches throughout central Texas. WRBA continues to be the place where Baptists “do stuff together”.
Whether it is in the area covered by one of our ministry teams or just an informal gathering for fellowship or information, our staff, website, emails, and newsletters continuously connect churches and church leaders so we can cooperatively extend and embody the Good News of Jesus. This is all funded by voluntary contributions from your church.
This means that each year, your church determines the future of the WRBA and its ministries. This also means that through the WRBA your church is extending its ministry in the name of Jesus all over McLennan County and beyond—even to many other nations as we network our churches with mission projects and trips from Mississippi to Kenya. Today, the WRBA has 90+ member congregations that worship in five different languages.
Meet the WRBA Staff
Here are the people from the association office who work with each of our churches.

Tim Randolph


Jewel Lockridge

Collegiate Ministry Coordinator, TSTC

Megan Byrd

Hunger Ministry Coordinator

Katelyn Kasper

Office & Communications Administrator

Stephen Galarza

Collegiate Ministry Coordinator, MCC

Bethany Busby

Senior Hunger Specialist

Jeannie Frost

Financial Secretary

Larry Turner

Restorative Justice/Jail Ministry Coordinator

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I am glad our church is part of the Waco Regional Baptist Association....

It is easy to underestimate the value of churches joining together to work in the association. I encourage you to take a closer look at the WRBA. See how you and your church can become more involved.
~ Marcy Smith, Moderator

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